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  • NEC Baby show discount tickets

    Would you like NEC Baby Show discount tickets? We are doing not one but two Baby Shows in the next month or so! The Baby & Toddler Show at Sandown Park 7th-9th April and the Baby Show at the NEC 19th-21st May. For Sandown Baby & Toddler Show you can use code SBT15  to save …

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  • Why do newborns sleep a lot?

    Why do newborns sleep a lot? Newborn babies sleep. A lot. You may not have been prepared for just how much time your newborn will spend sleeping. Often during the day. Whilst your baby was in the womb, the majority of their time was spent sleeping. This is because they were warm and cosy, surrounded …

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  • Hello Yes Mum!

    We chat to Hollie de Cruz, creator of yesmum® cards and founder of London Hypnobirthing. Hi Hollie, So tell us a bit about yesmum and what you do? “I’m Hollie de Cruz, the Founder of London Hypnobirthing and the creator of yesmum® cards. I use my Instagram platform @theyesmummum to inspire and promote education, equality …

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  • What is the ideal nursery temperature?

    What is the ideal nursery temperature? The ideal nursery temperature is 18 degrees. You can use a nursery thermometer to check this. You may need to use central heating or a fan to achieve this temperature dependent on the weather. You should dress your baby according to the weather for sleep. A vest or even …

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  • Can I use a blanket with a baby sleeping bag?

    We are often asked, “Can I use a blanket with a baby sleeping bag?” No you should not use a baby sleeping bag with a blanket. Baby sleeping bags are designed to be used alone and without any additional cover, so your baby does not overheat. We advise for extra warmth that you can layer …

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  • Mother waterbirth

    What is a doula?

    What is a doula and why will having one help me? This guest post is from Sophie at Nurturing Birth. There is nothing new about doulas, though many people have not come across the term before.  I am often misheard and assumed to be either a jeweler or a dealer!  For millennia, as women were …

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  • What is a cellular blanket?

    A cellular blanket or cellular baby blanket is a blanket with thousands of tiny holes in it, often made of cotton and used in maternity hospitals and for babies. Why use a cellular blanket? The holes in a cellular blanket allow airflow, making them safe for babies to use (as demonstrated in the picture featuring …

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  • Should I swaddle my newborn?

    Lots of parents choose to swaddle their newborn babies. Swaddling makes babies feel safe and secure and mimics the feeling that they had in the womb. You can swaddle using  large muslin sometimes referred to as a muslin swaddle or a large cellular blanket (if it is particularly cold). You can buy special swaddling blankets …

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  • The benefits of Baby Massage

    Today we have a guest post from the lovely Lauren Taylor, founder of Kokoso Baby which is what I use for my two when they have dry skin. “I asked my mum if she did baby massage with me. “No,” she said, “no one did it back then.” Back then being the deepest darkest 1980s. Poor …

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  • Establishing a good bedtime routine

    SLEEP… today we are talking sleep,  in particular the importance of a good bedtime routine We started a bedtime routine with both babies when they hit that “no longer newborn” stage, at about 8-10 weeks. This is just to give you an idea of some of the things that you can do to relax your …

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