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  • Five Ways to Use Your Muslins

    Muslins are your best friend when you become a parent. They’re the ultimate baby essential – here’s 5 things you can do with our swaddles and squares Mop up the Mess Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think ‘muslin square’ – the material is ultra absorbant and washes really well so …

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  • Adapting To Life With A Newborn

    Today we hear from Sophie about her experiences of adapting to life with a newborn… “So you’ve had 9 months to prepare for their arrival (or even longer if they were a stubborn little so-and-so like JJ who was 10 days late.) You might have read every baby book out there, purchased all the latest …

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  • Nursery Inspiration | Grey and Pink

    We love a bit of grey and pink for a gorgeous combination. Grey and pastel pink compliment each other perfectly for a beautifully muted baby’s room so it’s no surprise that it’s one of our most popular colour combinations. We’ve put together some of our favourite customer images with our grey and pink products, such as …

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  • The Third Trimester

    In India’s final pregnancy blog post, The Third Trimester, we hear all about her experience of the third trimester. “The third trimester has been both the longest (literally, I am currently 41 weeks pregnant!) and shortest time ever, because although it lasted a while the time also just seemed to evaporate. Everyone said to me …

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  • Baby in Babasac Baby Sleeping Bag in Monochrome Pineapple Pattern

    Why Should I Use a Baby Sleeping Bag?

    Baby Sleeping bags are sometimes referred to as grobags or sleep sacks. If you don’t know anything about them, they are a sleeping bag with arm holes that your baby can sleep in overnight and for naptimes. They are designed to be used alone (without blankets or covers). Baby Sleep bags are a safer alternative …

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  • Teething Tips

    Teething Tips

    Today’s guest post is from Jodine at Gummee Glove with her advice on what to expect when your baby is teething… “When you find out you’re going to have a baby, you might make lists of all the things you are going to need. Pram, bottles, nappies, cot, babygrows etc. However, we rarely think about …

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  • Monochrome Nursery Inspiration

    Monochrome nursery inspiration. If you love our products but are  not sure how to style them or how they’ll fit into your home, we’ve put together some of our favourite customer images to inspire you! We love seeing how our designs fit into your home and how creative you get with your little one’s nurseries. …

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  • Hands Free and Happy – Babywearing

    This week Emily from South London Sling Library tells us how babywearing can help, and how to choose the best wrap or carrier for your family. “If you’re a parent, then you’ll have experienced just how difficult it can be to get things done around a demanding small person.  More and more parents are discovering …

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  • Mama Designs and Ammalife charity partnership

    If you follow us on Instagram, you might have seen our post announcing our brand new Hummingbird design, now available on Muslins Swaddles from the website in a grey and russet two-pack. We’re really excited to finally be able to share what we’ve been working on for the last few months, but we’re also delighted …

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  • Breastfeeding Issues and Solutions

    We have a guest post from Neve Spicer on common breastfeeding issues and solutions. She and husband, Keane, have two children, advocate respectful parenting, and blog together at where she empowers women, supporting them through breastfeeding, and he gets nerdy reviewing the gear that (apparently!) mums and dads need. “Over the past ten years, …

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