• Avoiding Burnout at Christmas

    Christmas can be stressful there is no doubt. There are lots of things to do, places to go and people to see. Extra school activities, extra weekend activities, nights out…. Presents to buy and wrap, food to buy and cook. Last year we all experienced a quieter slower-paced Christmas due to covid but that doesn’t …

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  • cloth sanitary pad in bathroom

    Switching to Reusable Sanitary Pads – Kayla’s story

    I thought that it would be really useful to share some of our customer’s journeys to reusable pads. Making the switch isn’t always an easy decision and some people may initially think reusable pads aren’t their thing or have some doubts. I want to tell you that this is completely normal. Lots of people feel …

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  • Five Winter Wear Tips for Little Ones from Dry Kids

    In the past week, the weather has certainly taken a turn for the worse and Christmas is just around the corner.  Wet weather, outdoor gear for little ones is a must-have to survive these cold and damp months.  Keeping little ones wrapped up and snug for their outdoor adventures is essential if you want to make the …

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  • picture of a pregnant woman

    Tips for navigating pregnancy sickness and HG

    Pregnancy sickness. For some people it’s a mild nausea. For others it’s only an issue in the mornings. For others, it’s much more serious, and can sometimes be something called Hyperemesis Gravidarum – aka HG. In this blog post, we will be sharing some tips for dealing with pregnancy sickness, courtesy of our friends at …

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  • Reusable sanitary pad testimonial

    What are the best reusable sanitary pads?

    “What are the best reusable sanitary pads?” Mama Designs reusable pads of course! “How long do reusable sanitary pads last?” I get such a lot of questions about our sanitary pads that I thought I would do a big Q&A post… Thinking about making the switch to reusables but have some questions, maybe a niggling …

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  • What is difference between a cellular blankets, a baby sleeping bag and a swaddle?

    The difference between cellular blankets, baby sleeping bags and swaddles and when you might use each one. This is something I am asked a lot by pregnant women, first time mums or new parents to be so thought this might be useful. Baby sleep products can be confusing for first time parents. There are a …

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  • Baukjen Review and discount code

    We are big fans of sustainable fashion brand Baukjen at Mama Designs. Their clothing not only looks fabulous but is all sustainably and ethically made and the quality is fantastic. You can take 15% off all of their full price collection with code MAMADESIGNS15. Here are some of my favourite pieces and some ideas on …

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  • Monica Vinader necklace

    Monica Vinader discount code

    I absolutely love the Monica Vinader range. So the big question is… are you gold or silver or dare I say it… both? Read to the bottom for a 20% off Monica Vinader discount code. I’m definitely team gold here. I wore a lot of silver when I was younger but def all gold now. …

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  • Hannah Allen

    How becoming a mother changed me as a doctor – Hannah Allen

    Are you the kind of mother you expected to be? Hard question, isn’t it? As women we think a lot about whether we’re living up to the world’s expectation of us as mothers. But how often do you stop and think about whether you’re living up to your own expectations, positively or negatively? I’m a …

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  • Reusable sanitary pads

    The benefits of cloth sanitary pads

    Cloth sanitary pads (CSP), period pads, menstrual pads, reusable sanitary pads, washable sanitary pads, cloth pads, whatever you choose to call them there are LOTS of benefits to using these pads. I promise you, once you make the switch you won’t look back! Read the reviews on our website if you need any more convincing …

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