• Baby Gift Guide


    Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Here are a selection of lovely items for all of the family from big to small from some of our favourite independents. We hope you like them! Don’t leave it too late! Baby/ Toddler Gooseberry Fool hand crochets the most beautiful baby items. We love this crown and …

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  • leopard wallpaper

    Ideas to lift your mood

    It has been a crappy year. For all of us. With the thought of this carrying on into the winter we have to try and be positive and get joy from the things around us. Here are some of the things that have helped me when I am feeling a bit bleurgh! Put your favourite …

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  • Sleeping baby

    Proper Sleep Safety for SIDS Awareness Month

    Your guide to sleep safety for SIDS Awareness Month from We the  As mamas, doing the best for our little ones comes naturally. We want them to be healthy, happy, and safe, and when they’re snugly resting up, we want to know they’re not at risk. This means staying informed about a proper, healthy …

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  • baby Eliza's birth

    Birth Stories – Lauren’s story

    Hi, I am Lauren (or Lolly to my nearest and dearest) and we live in Buckinghamshire, somewhere between MK and Buckingham in a lovely little village. I became a mummy for the first time at 37 years. Refreshingly, I was never referred to as a geriatric mother. Apparently, the age was lifted! My daughter, Eliza, …

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  • Avocado for baby brain

    Ten Foods to Help With Baby Brain

    If you are pregnant or have just had a baby, you might have heard the term ‘baby brain’ bounded about. You may be thinking you are experiencing this so called ‘baby brain’ but according to small studies that have been done in different countries this whole idea of being cognitively challenged is actually a myth. …

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  • Daisy

    Starting your baby in childcare for the first time.

    Starting your baby or toddler in childcare for the first time can be hard! So, Daisy has just started with the childminder. When I talked about this on my stories, there were LOADS of messages. From mums who had been there offering advice, a nursery nurse, a childminder and lots of you wanting to know …

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  • Cloth sanitary pads

    Thinking about making the switch to reusable cloth pads?

    Thinking about making the switch to reusable cloth pads but have some questions, maybe a niggling doubt. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers that may help you. I know some people feel a bit grossed out by the thought of dealing with their own blood. Well here’s the thing, firstly the …

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  • First day of school

    Getting your child ready for starting school

    Getting a child ready for school for their first year is tied with all types of emotion. So being prepared can really help in order to keep the excitement but also calm the anxiety that comes with it. With Lily, she was very much ready for school but I think that’s because we were talking …

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  • Peaceful Learning

    The Importance of the Early Years

    Today we hear from Lara from Peaceful Learning on the importance of the early years. Did you know that your brain reaches 80% of it’s final weight by your second year of life? 80%…let that sink in. There’s a whole lot of energy that goes into building the brain and for good reason too. At …

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  • Naomi Gale

    Fertility Awareness – Naomi Gale Q&A

    Today we hear from the lovely Naomi Gale who is talking fertility. Hi Naomi! Can you tell us a bit about what a Fertility Awareness practitioner does? Ah- thank you so much for having me on your blog Keira. As you know I am a huge Mama Designs fan. We have your sleeping bags, your …

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