• makeup remover pads

    Washable Makeup remover pads

    Mama Designs Bamboo Makeup remover pads are Silver award winners! The Green Beauty awards by Green Parent magazine awarded us a Silver in the Make Up application tools category. So let me tell you a bit more about our bamboo cleansing pads. Not all reusable pads are created equally! We tested a lot of other …

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  • cotton cellular blanket

    Why you need a Cellular Blanket for your baby

    Why do you need a cellular blanket for your baby? You may have heard of a cellular blanket but not know what exactly it is or why they are recommended or used. They often feature on lists of essential items for your newborn. The reason for this is that cellular Blankets are the safest type …

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  • Getting a good sleep pattern as a parent

    I’m a parent.  How can I get back a good sleep pattern? Sleep deprivation can be the hardest part of parenthood. Parents say that they average 4.4 hours night time sleep during a baby’s first year. That can stop us enjoying a wonderful time, is risky for our mental health, and may start a pattern of poor …

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  • Summer holiday essentials for a British (Hopefully sunny!) beach holiday

    Summer holiday essentials for a British (hopefully sunny!) beach holiday! Heading away over the school hols? Here are some of the essentials we will be taking! Crossing everything for sunshine! Packing Cubes There are various versions on Amazon. I love these for separating clothing items by type, or by family member if you are bag …

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  • How to Make Your Birth Better

    The Positive Birth Company Review

    I used the Positive Birth Company digital pack, the book and the app. My partner read the book (as did I) “Practical Ways to Make Your Birth Better” (he is more of a reader) and I bought the Freya app which I used from about 30 weeks pregnant for relaxation and then during birth to …

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  • Protected Species

    Mama essentials

    My mama essentials… When you have a baby you might find that certain things in your wardrobe become redundant or certainly get a lot less use. Comfort and practicality moves up the list. Little things that you might not have thought about are more difficult like holding an umbrella while you are pushing a pram …

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  • mama diary

    What is maternal mental health?

    What is maternal mental health? Maternal, or ‘perinatal’ mental health describes mental health in the period starting in pregnancy up to one year after the birth. We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health. What are the signs of a maternal mental health problem? Here are some common signs of maternal …

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  • How the menstrual cycle affects mental health…

    The last thing we want to hear when we’re feeling particularly irritable or short-tempered while on our period is “is it your time of the month?” It’s a question that mostly evokes rage in the person being asked it, and so if we weren’t feeling angry before, we definitely are now! In modern times, it …

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  • Building a baby bookworm

    Baby reading with a Tidy Books Box Photo credit @themrsproject There are books from your childhood that stay with you for the rest of your life.  I can still remember my first experience of being read to as a child. It was at school, when I was five or six, and the book was Charlie …

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  • Blue and white dress

    Spring Summer dress edit for maternity and beyond

    For maternity and beyond… because it makes sense! Here’s my pick of some Spring / Summer dresses from some lovely independent brands and a few from the high street that you can wear in pregnancy and beyond. I’ve chosen dresses that are not maternity, so some may not fit you right till the end, unless …

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