• Tips for using Bamboo Washable Wipes

    I have trawled the internet to search all the forums for the best washable wipes tips.   If you have any more I would love to hear them! Wipe solution: Washable wipes can be kept moist in a tupperware container with water and a drop of essential oil. Either lavendar or tea tree oil but this …

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  • Period and Postpartum underwear

    I interviewed Paige the founder of FLUX who create “period underwear”… Hi Paige, so tell us a bit about FLUX? FLUX Undies is underwear designed and built to replace pads and tampons. It’s versatile design and function means it works well for periods, postpartum, and leaks. The underwear features a built-in unique panel that is moisture …

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  • Connected Parenting Summit

    Today we hear from Jennie Harrison, Jennie is Mum to Dexter (7) and Violet (2). She is an Energy Healer and Connected Parenting Coach and is the founder of The Connected Parenting Online Summit. For the last 7 years Jennie has been working with mums and their children, helping them to recover emotionally from difficult and traumatic experiences. …

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  • Holiday with kids

    Hi! Hope you are all coping well with the summer hols and the heat!! We just spent an amazing week in Lake Garda, Italy. I wanted to tell you a bit about it as I had lots of questions via my Instagram stories so thought I would put it all into a blog post. If …

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  • Honest Mum – Mumboss

    Today we are chatting to the lovely Vicki Psarias, aka blogger Honest Mum and author of the number one best seller Mumboss! We first virtually met Vicki way back in 2013 when she featured in our Mama Style section of the blog but today we are going to be hearing about her book. Congratulations Vicki, …

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  • Pregnancy Payment Plan

    Introducing the new Pregnancy Payment Plan from Mama Designs.  Having babies is an expensive business! You have to buy a pram, a cot, a car seat…. the list and the cost can feel endless. We have been thinking about how we can help you out. We have come up with a Pregnancy Payment Plan which …

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    Birth Stories – my story (Keira)

    Hi! I’m Keira and I am the founder of Mama Designs. I have two children Sam age 11 and Lily age 8. I have already written my birth story for Sam but seeing as they were so different I felt that it was important to do both, so here goes… Where was your birth? Lily …

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  • Feeding Your Baby: Fed Is Best

    You may think we are all about breastfeeding given that several of our products are for breastfeeding, however we strongly believe that fed is best and there is no judgement here, however you choose to feed your baby, bottle, breast or a combination of the two. Today we hear from Rachael who blogs at Lukeosauras …

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  • Birth Stories – Claire’s story

    This week we have the lovely Claire from The Frugal Family sharing her Birth Story. I’m Claire, I live with my long suffering husband and 4 kids (all under 9!) and our dog… and some fish. We have made our forever home in Nottinghamshire,  we really love it here with such great city and countryside …

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  • FForest fields glamping

    Glamping with children – Fforest Fields

    Glamping with children in Fforest Fields, Mid Wales.  I ummed and ahhed whether to write this post because when you find a gem like this you kind of want to keep it to yourself so it doesn’t become overrun. I decided to be giving and share this secret! So last weekend we went glamping at …

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