• FForest fields glamping

    Glamping with children – Fforest Fields

    Glamping with children in Fforest Fields, Mid Wales.  I ummed and ahhed whether to write this post because when you find a gem like this you kind of want to keep it to yourself so it doesn’t become overrun. I decided to be giving and share this secret! So last weekend we went glamping at …

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  • To cover or not to cover?

    So I just read this article about Secret Breastfeeders in and felt compelled to write this after reading. Every now and then there will be an article or comment in the media that breastfeeding covers are terrible because they encourage women to cover up or make them feel that they have to cover up …

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  • Holidays with young children – 5 things you should know!

    Holidaying with young children can be quite a challenge – there’s so much to think about and organise, and it can often be difficult to know where to begin! Tots to Travel share their 5 top tips… As long as you have the know-how, family travel can be a doddle –at Tots to Travel our …

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  • Is it ok to cover my babies pram in the sunshine?

    Should I cover my babies pram in the sunshine? The answer is yes!  This blog post is from my good friend Cara Sayer, the founder of Snooze Shade. That is not why I have shared it. I have shared it because I think it is SO important that we are armed with facts around sun …

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  • Mama Style – Victoria Genevieve

    Mama Style is a feature that we used to have on the blog way back when, (in fact at least 5 years ago!) I have decided to bring it back because I don’t know about you but I LOVE a peak in someone elses wardrobe and while this isn’t exactly that, it is definitely along …

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  • Holidays with kids – Club Med

    I thought it might be interesting to compile some good holidays with kids. Before I start I want to make it clear that this is not in any way an advert, or a sponsored post. I just wanted to post about a great holiday that I think will appeal to a lot of our audience. …

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  • Birth Stories – Becca’s Story

    This week on Birth Stories we hear from Becca about her birth. “This story is about having my second baby, Lily, who I welcomed into the world eight short months ago… Where was your birth? Leicester Royal Infirmary. Although I was certain I was going to the other Leicester hospital where I had my first …

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  • Sleepover at the Natural History Museum with AirBnB

    Very lucky for some, on Friday 13th we were guests of AirBnB for a sleepover at the Natural History Museum! I think without doubt the adults were as, if not more, excited than the children, who tend to take these things in their stride.  One day they will realise what an amazing opportunity we were …

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  • Birth Stories - Zoe (Leo)

    Birth Stories – Zoe’s story

    Today we hear from Zoe and her birth story … Where was your birth? “My son Leo was born at the John Radcliffe Hospital in October 2017 weighing 5lb! Did you have a plan about the type of birth you wanted? I did have a plan, yes! But like most others birthing plans it never …

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  • Birth Stories – Jaz’s story

    Today we hear from Jaz from The Milk Collective. She has two children and is pregnant with number 3.  I have had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady in real life as she lives round the corner from my mum! Thanks for sharing Jaz! xx Where was your birth? At the Liverpool Women’s Hospital …

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