• Birth Story – Nicola’s amazing birth story

    Before we start I need to tell you that this is the most AMAZING birth story and that I am honoured that Nicola has shared this with us. I am in awe of all of them and what a special arrival for baby Joshua. Just wow!!! Introduce yourself… I’m Nicola a mum of two beautiful …

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    Birth Stories – my story (Keira)

    Hi! I’m Keira and I am the founder of Mama Designs. I have two children Sam age 11 and Lily age 8. I have already written my birth story for Sam but seeing as they were so different I felt that it was important to do both, so here goes… Where was your birth? Lily …

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  • Birth Stories – Claire’s story

    This week we have the lovely Claire from The Frugal Family sharing her Birth Story. I’m Claire, I live with my long suffering husband and 4 kids (all under 9!) and our dog… and some fish. We have made our forever home in Nottinghamshire,  we really love it here with such great city and countryside …

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  • Birth Stories – Becca’s Story

    This week on Birth Stories we hear from Becca about her birth. “This story is about having my second baby, Lily, who I welcomed into the world eight short months ago… Where was your birth? Leicester Royal Infirmary. Although I was certain I was going to the other Leicester hospital where I had my first …

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  • Birth Stories - Zoe (Leo)

    Birth Stories – Zoe’s story

    Today we hear from Zoe and her birth story … Where was your birth? “My son Leo was born at the John Radcliffe Hospital in October 2017 weighing 5lb! Did you have a plan about the type of birth you wanted? I did have a plan, yes! But like most others birthing plans it never …

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  • Birth Stories – Jaz’s story

    Today we hear from Jaz from The Milk Collective. She has two children and is pregnant with number 3.  I have had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady in real life as she lives round the corner from my mum! Thanks for sharing Jaz! xx Where was your birth? At the Liverpool Women’s Hospital …

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  • Birth Stories – Emma’s Story

    This is Emma’s birth story. I don’t know about you but all of these newborn pics are making me so broody! Thank you for sharing with us Emma! … Where was your birth? Harper was born at the same hospital I was 30 years ago, the John Radcliffe in Oxford. Also like her Mama, she …

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  • Birth Stories – Jo’s story

    The lovely Jo from our stockist Mini Maison, shares her birth story… This is the story of my first birth, with my eldest Joshua in 2013. Where was your birth? In Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford. Did you have a plan about the type of birth you wanted? No, but I do believe that it …

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  • Birth Stories – Lucy

    Second in the series of birth stories, we speak to Lucy about the birth of her baby Martha. I loved reading this one, thank you for sharing Lucy! Where was your birth?– my birth was in hospital which for my first baby was what I wanted, as I had such a good experience I may …

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  • Birth Stories – my story

    New on the blog is our Birth Stories section, where we chat to different mama’s about their birth experiences.  I am going to start things with mine… Sam first. I got my newborn pics up when I wrote this and lost an hour gazing at my baby and wondering where the last  11 years (almost) …

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