Bamboo Washable Breast Pads


Our washable breast pads are made of super soft bamboo. They are ultra absorbent, yet slim and discreet. A double layer laminate backing prevents leaks.

Each pack contains 8 reusable bamboo breast pads 4 x large (13cm) pads and 4 x regular (11cm) pads.

These bamboo washable breast pads are super soft and gentle on your skin. They stay at body temperature when wet unlike disposables that get cold and can cause discomfort.

  • Super soft bamboo for maximum comfort (made with viscose derived from bamboo)
  • Use larger size for overnight, heavy milk flow or extra coverage
  • Double layer of bamboo fleece with a soft laminate backing to prevent leaks
  • Slim and discreet, so they won’t be visible through your bra
  • Bamboo breast pads are ultra absorbent
  • Great value for money versus disposable breast pads
  • Breastfeeding essential
  • Wear with label to outside
  • Wash before use to increase absorbency
  • Our pads reach maximum absorbency after 12 washes
  • We recommend that 4-5 washes removes any excess fluff
  • Avoid using fabric softener

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  1. S Hammond

    “Having bought several types of washable breast pads, I found that these were by far the best. They are by no means cheap, but The quality makes up for this. There are eight pads in the box, four larger and four smaller, and they are made of a luxuriously soft bamboo- just the thing when your breasts are at that really sensitive stage while you’re getting used to breastfeeding. They are thinner than other breast pads I have used, so not as prominent in your nursing bra. They also absorb any moisture really well, and dry quickly after washing.” S Hammond

  2. Sam

    “Bought these, as I knew I will be bf my baby, for as long as she wants. BEST BUY EVER! I was fed up buying disposable breast pads, as it was becoming quite costly. Bought these, I can washed them and wear them again. I use the large ones at night, with a nursing vest, (can’t wear nursing bras at night, I hate wearing a bra at night) and they are still in place!! Very soft and gentle on the skin. Highly recommend, to breastfeeding mums. Wish I knew about them, earlier with my older children. Money well spent!!” Sam

  3. Claire

    “Absolutely love these pads. They are super soft and slim that you don’t even feel you are wearing them. I love the fact they come in the different sizes and how absorbent they are. These never make me leak on to clothes which is fab! They have also saved me a fortune as I’ve not had to buy disposable ones. Brilliant.” Claire


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