Grey and turquoise cellular blanket
Grey and pink cellular blanket
Grey and green cellular blanket
Grey and russet cellular blanket
Grey and Orange cellular blanket
Grey and pink Cellular Blanket
Grey and Russet Cellular Blankets
Award winning blanket
Grey and green cellular
Mustard and grey cellular
Grey and orange blanket
Grey and turquoise cellular

Organic Cellular Blankets


Our award-winning organic cellular blankets are safe and breathable, a newborn must have and the perfect blanket for your baby. Our soft organic cotton cellular blankets with contrasting cotton trims can be used for swaddling, a pram or crib blanket, a cot or cot bed blanket, out and about or around the home.


  • Size 120cm x 100cm (cot blanket / cot bed blanket)
  • Size 70cm x 90cm (pram blanket / crib blanket)
  • Open cellular construction allows airflow, so safer than normal blankets
  • Keeps baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Features a contrasting colour cotton trim at top and bottom
  • Cellular blankets are recommended by midwives
  • 100% soft Organic cotton 
  • Silver Junior Design Award winner
  • Shortlisted Mother & Baby Awards
  • Shortlisted Smallish Design Awards


Cellular blankets are a must have product for a new baby.  They are used in hospitals for babies and have been for hundreds of years.  They are the safest baby blanket that you can use.  Soft cotton organic cellular blankets with contrasting trims are large enough to be used for swaddling, out and about, in the nursery or around the home. Our blankets are all now manufactured in the UK and are Organic cotton, helping to reduce our carbon footprint (and yours!).

  • Size 120cm x 100cm (cot size blanket / cot bed size blanket)
  • Size 70cm x 90cm (pram size blanket / crib size blanket)
  • The open cellular construction allows airflow
  • Safe and breathable compared to normal blankets
  • Will keep baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer because of cell-like structure
  • Contrasting colour cotton trim at the top and bottom
  • These blankets match the Mama Designs quilted playmat
  • 100% soft organic cotton blanket and trim
  • Junior Design Silver award winner
  • UK Design Registration 5003782/ 5003783

You can read more about safe sleep here on the Lullaby Trust website.

Mama Designs organic cellular blankets are often bought as a newborn gift and used and loved by babies to toddlerhood and beyond. We love hearing your stories about your older children still using their favourite blanket on their bed or to snuggle up on the sofa with.

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Weight 0.7 kg

Grey with green trim, Grey with orange trim, Grey with pink trim, Grey with russet trim, Grey with turquoise trim, mustard with grey trim


120cm x 100cm (cot), 70cm x 90cm (pram)

  1. “We absolutely love our mama blanket. Perfect for swaddling, play time and being in the pram. It’s even just beautiful hanging over the cot. It’s a must for all babies. Amazing quality- highly recommend” Gill

  2. “So pleased with out Grey & Mint cellular blanket. It has a really soft touch fabric, giving comfort and warmth for babies without having to use a duvet. The blanket is a great size, I use it myself! A super stylish accessory for the home & nursery, available in a modern collection of colours. Highly recommended.”

  3. “So excited to use this when my baby arrives. It’s has a lovely feel and is a very good size and I just love it! Will buy another colour once I know if I’m having a boy or girl, very happy with this blanket.” Hannah

  4. “These cellular blankets are beautiful. All of my children have had one as a baby and still use (eldest is 6). I now buy them as new baby gifts.” Kate

  5. “I love this blanket SOOOOOOO much. Even though my little girl is getting big we still use it all the time.” mama_emily_makes

  6. “Best baby blankets ever!! WE have three in our house and have just given one as a gift to friends with a new baby who say it is the only blanket she’ll be swaddled in. Such a genius idea to modernise the classic cellular blanket.” aimeemay85

  7. “I just wanted to say how bloomin brilliant these cellular blankets are. My son’s had his yellow one for over 2 years and sleeps with it every night and its still as hood as new. We get so many comments on how cool it is, how much he loves it etc. I love that he has had something his whole life and will continue to have it for many years to come. Looking forward to buying the russet one for when our next one arrives in Spring.” Hannahsnote