Russet Snoodie dribble bib
Green Snoodie dribble bib
Russet Snoodie dribble bib
dribble bib mustard
dribble bib grey
dribble bib dusty pink
Petrol Blue Snoodie dribble bib
Snoodie dribble bib lining
Snoodie monochrome star dribble bib
Snoodie plain navy
Dribble bib navy
Russet Snoodie dribble bib
Snoodie dribble bib
pink dribble dusty pink
petrol snoodie
dribble bib
Green Snoodie dribble bib
grey dribble bib
mustard dribble bib
Green Snoodie dribble bib
Blue Snoodie dribble bib
Russet Snoodie dribble bib

Snoodie Dribble Bib Single Pack

£6.95 £5.00

Are you constantly having to change your dribbly babies clothes or dribble bib? You can keep your baby’s neck and clothes dry with Snoodie® the original baby dribble snood. Gorgeous soft dribble bibs for babies.

  • Stylish and practical dribble bib
  • Each dribble bib contains an inner absorbent layer, which will keep your baby drier for longer
  • Beautiful quality bibs, our cotton jersey is soft against your babies skin
  • Snoodie has a double popper for adjustable size
  • Snoodie catches your babies dribble if it drools from the mouth or rolls down the neck
  • It keeps your babies clothes and necks dry and dribble free

Suitable from birth to toddler

colour options

Age 0+



Snoodie is a stylish and practical dribble bib or dribble snood.  Snoodie was designed out of frustration as my babies neck would get wet and sore with triangular dribble bibs and they would spin around leaving her unprotected. I also wasn’t keen on the look of them. As a result Snoodie was born. It sits higher on the neck than standard dribble bibs. This means that is doesn’t spoil the look of your babies outfit.


Snoodie dribble bibs are designed to sit higher on the neck, to protect your little ones necks and clothes from dribble.  Each dribble bib contains an inner absorbent layer, made from the same absorbent fabric as reusable nappies. Snoodie is beautiful quality, with a soft cotton jersey outer which is soft against your babies skin.  A double popper ensures it fits your baby from birth to toddler.


If your baby does get a rash from dribble, we highly recommend Kokoso coconut balm stick. Your babies dribble might be because they are teething.  Some babies dribble lots and others not at all. You can read our blog post about why your baby dribbles here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the poppers safe?

A. Yes, each of our products goes through rigorous testing and the poppers on a Snoodie have been fully tested and comply with all of the relevant safety standards.

I have seen cheaper dribble bibs than these, what is the difference?

A. Yes there are cheaper dribble bibs around. I developed Snoodie as a high quality dribble bib, wanting something that would stay drier for longer and was made from premium quality materials. I had found with cheaper dribble bibs that I was having to change them often and the overlocked edging made them look cheap and spoiled the look of my little girls outfit

What is Snoodie made from?

A. Snoodie is made from a soft cotton jersey, so it feels lovely and soft next to the skin. It’s inner layer is made from minky, the same fabric used washable nappies, making it extremely absorbent

It looks like it could be tight around my babies neck. Is it?

A.  Snoodie is designed to sit higher than a standard dribble bib and sit on the neck. It has two fastening options for different sized babies. If it feels like your Snoodie is tight in any way around your babies neck then do not use it and we will be happy to refund your purchase.

Can I use a Snoodie dribble bib in the summer?

A. It is entirely up to you.  It will be warmer wearing a bib than not wearing one.  I found that if we were on holiday somewhere warm or it was a really hot day I didn’t use a dribble bib at all. It is the same with your Snoodie.

Can dribble miss the Snoodie and land on my babies clothes?

A. Yes, dribble can sometimes miss the bib.  Your baby may move around a lot and sometimes their dribble will land further down themselves than at others, especially if they are leaning forward. It is not 100% foolproof. However, I did find that this could happen with triangular dribble bibs too, especially when they spun around and left the triangle at the back of the neck.

Additional information

Snoodie Colour

Russet, Petrol Blue, Light Green, Navy and White Star, Purple, Black and White Star, Plain Navy, Mustard, Grey Plain, Dusky Pink

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Tanya A
So Versatile

Brilliant bibs- nothing else like them. I use as both a bib and snoodie for my 8 month old and as a snoodie for my 4 year old. As a bib, the catch all dribbles and are absorbent so you don’t need to change as often as regular bibs. I love how safe they are as triangle bibs often flip up over my baby’s face. These stay put! As a snoodie for my 4 year old they are perfect for keeping her neck warm and a lovely accessory to add to an outfit. My favourite colour is rust. I hope there are plans to bring out new colours!

Lucy W.
Lovely quality

Really lovely alternative to bibs which seem so big for my 3 month old!! Will definitely buy more, the colours are lovely too

Anja Panitz

I thought I found the ultimate bib which last a bit longer then the usual 5 min with conventional ones. Unfortunately they is no stretch to the bib and too small for my 3.5 month old. At this age they usually don’t have a neck (covered in lovely fat rolls) so the bib is too tight and also to sturdy. I wishes it to be more soft and stretchy.

Quite tight but soft

Quite tight even on largest setting but nice and soft

A bib and a scarf!

2 for 1 as the snoodie keeps our little boy cozy on walks and dry when teething. Beautiful colours and so it doesn't matter if they spin round like triangle bibs, these still catch dribble!
Absolutely perfect!



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