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  • cotton cellular blanket

    Why you need a Cellular Blanket for your baby

    Why do you need a cellular blanket for your baby? You may have heard of a cellular blanket but not know what exactly it is or why they are recommended or used. They often feature on lists of essential items for your newborn. The reason for this is that cellular Blankets are the safest type …

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  • Sleeping baby

    Proper Sleep Safety for SIDS Awareness Month

    Your guide to sleep safety for SIDS Awareness Month from We the  As mamas, doing the best for our little ones comes naturally. We want them to be healthy, happy, and safe, and when they’re snugly resting up, we want to know they’re not at risk. This means staying informed about a proper, healthy …

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  • Baby Sleep Tips

    Today we hear from sleep consultant Kerry Secker on her Baby Sleep Tips. “Parenthood is absolutely exciting, exhilarating and exhausting especially in those very early days. Sleep is the hot topic for most new parents and, whilst I know you want me to share my magic sleep secret with you, sadly there isn’t one! I’m …

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  • Can I use a blanket with a baby sleeping bag?

    We are often asked, “Can I use a blanket with a baby sleeping bag?” No, you should not use a baby sleeping bag with a blanket. Baby sleeping bags are designed to be used alone and without any additional cover, so your baby does not overheat. We advise for extra warmth that you can layer …

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  • Establishing a good bedtime routine

    SLEEP… today we are talking sleep,  in particular the importance of a good bedtime routine We started a bedtime routine with both babies when they hit that “no longer newborn” stage, at about 8-10 weeks. This is just to give you an idea of some of the things that you can do to relax your …

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  • Baby-sleep-what-you-need-to-know-mamascarf

    Baby sleep: what you need to know

    Baby sleep must be one the of the most common search terms on Google and Twitter amongst new parents. We are all so desperate to know more about it, how to get it and keep it and why we aren’t getting it. How our baby sleeps is a massive deal to many of us and …

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  • baby-in-a-box-300x200

    Would you let your Baby sleep in a cardboard box?

    My friend sent me a link to this piece on the BBC website and I read with great interest.  What a lovely idea that Finnish mothers-to-be are given a box full of useful baby stuff  (clothes, babygro’s, a baby sleeping bag, sheets and toys) as a gift from the Government, and if you look at the …

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  • safe-dreams-app1

    Free white noise app to help your baby sleep

    I thought that this free white noise app from our lovely friends at Safe Dreams might be of use to some of you with tiny babies or bumps. Newborn babies are often soothed by white noise at it is similar to the sounds they heard in the womb. The different sounds are an air conditioner, …

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