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  • Baby boy clapping

    Baby signing

    Have you ever tried baby signing as a way of communicating with your little one? A recent program that studied the ‘secret life’ of babies had us intrigued with the story of twins born to a profoundly deaf couple who used sign language to communicate with their little ones. It was fascinating to see that …

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  • Baby-sleep-what-you-need-to-know-mamascarf

    Baby sleep: what you need to know

    Baby sleep must be one the of the most common search terms on Google and Twitter amongst new parents. We are all so desperate to know more about it, how to get it and keep it and why we aren’t getting it. How our baby sleeps is a massive deal to many of us and …

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  • choosing-a-theme-for-your-nursery-mamascarf

    Choosing a theme for your nursery: Rainbows

    When you’re expecting a new baby, one of the most exciting parts of it all can be decorating the nursery ready to welcome your new bundle to the home. We love checking out new nursery designs and we even have a whole board devoted to it on Pinterest– a place where we can indulge in …

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  • SnoodieStyle-Easter-boys-at-Bodenmamascarf

    #SnoodieStyle: Easter Best!

    Its almost time for Easter Sunday and therefore time to get your best outfit ready for Easter egg hunts, roast turkey dinners and all round family loveliness. So without further ado, we present four ways to dress your baby, styled around their Snoodie, of course… It’s #SnoodieStyle Easter best! Outfit one: Boys at Boden for …

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  • SnoodieStyle-Spring-Wear-Rainbow-Days-Mamascarf

    #SnoodieStyle – Spring wear!

    Dare we say it? Has Spring really sprung? The glimpes of sunshine, the Daffodil spottings, the trips to the park… it can only mean one thing! Winter is ending and we are in need of new clothes! Hooray! Time to kit out baby in the latest Spring fashions to make sure they stay ahead of …

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  • mama-to-be-choosing-baby-name

    Mama-to-be: Choosing baby names

    When it comes to choosing a name for your baby, does your mind suddenly go blank? Or do you have so many names that the idea of narrowing it all down causes a mild panic of sorts? You’re not alone! Choosing a name is actually a huge deal- your child has to live with it …

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  • Snoodie-Style-Snow-girl-HM

    Snoodie Style SNOW!

    It’s time for another Snoodie Style update and this month we are all about snow wear! As we are crossing our fingers for just a little bit of snow in the next couple of weeks or so, the temperatures are certainly keeping up with Winter, so you’ll need to keep those woolly jumpers on for a while …

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  • Portrait of scared baby against crazy mother with pan on head

    Why sticking to your baby’s routine over Christmas might be a good idea

    There is no doubt about the fact that Christmas can be disruptive. Never mind all of the lights, the visits, the music and the gifts. Usually, your whole routine is different too- later nights, longer visits, perhaps lots of travelling to and from relatives? All of this can be lots of fun, but if you …

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  • snoodie-style1-252x300

    Snoodie Style: Winter Wear

    Last month we launched our new Snoodie Style feature, with four fabulous ways to wear our famous dribble bibs over the party season. This month, we’re looking at winter wear, and ways that we can style our little ones and still keep them warm at the same time. Everyone knows that a dribbly baby needs …

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  • mama-to-be

    Mama-to-be: what to expect at the 12 week scan

    If you’re pregnant, congratulations! We hope you enjoy this most wonderful of life’s rollercoasters! The next few months are likely to see you experiencing lots of different emotions; there can be no denying that whilst pregnancy is amazing- you’re growing a whole new person in there after all!- it can also be a time where …

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