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  • Bamboo-Breast-Pad-pack-shot-no-11-300x199

    Have you seen our lovely Bamboo Washable Breast Pads?

    We are VERY excited about our latest product, beautiful soft bamboo reusable breast pads / washable breast pads.  They are so soft, you have to feel them to see how soft they are. So they are lovely and comfortable and don’t get cold when wet like disposable breast pads. You will save money using washable …

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  • KBBF-mama-designs

    Your breastfeeding tips #KBBF

    It’s Keep Britain Breastfeeding Week (#KBBF) and, as you know, we are huge advocates of breastfeeding here at Mama Designs HQ! The Mamascarf was invented after my own experiences of breastfeeding my baby Sam in public. I was quite self conscious breastfeeding in public and found that nothing I used to give me some privacy was …

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  • Mama-Style

    Mama Style – Pregnancy, maternity and breastfeeding fashion tips

    The lovely Hannah from A New Addition is the second in our Mama Style series. We caught up with her to ask about her style… What is your Mama Style? Looking through my wardrobe and seeing my various coloured skinny jeans and stacks of t-shirts I would say that would be my main style. I …

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  • Donna-224x300

    “I loved breastfeeding because…” reasons to breastfeed

    As part of National Breastfeeding Week, we have been asking bloggers to share the reason they loved breastfeeding. Thank you to the lovely Donna from Little Lily Pad for sharing.  Her reason? It’s the ultimate gift to her baby. What more can I say to that? Perfect! x

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  • emma-e1372143099719-224x300

    “I loved breastfeeding because…”

    Today we have the lovely Emma who blogs at Me, the Man and the Baby who tells us why she loved breastfeeding… because it’s free! Breastfeeding is totally free! Did you know that on average, formula costs £450 per year and that is just the cost of the milk itself? So technically that is £450 you …

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  • hchlem3-e1372081260165-224x300

    Breastfeeding Awareness Week – another reason to breastfeed

    It is National Breastfeeding Awareness Week and today Hannah from A New Addition says she loved breastfeeding because of the bond with her boy. Bonding with your baby is one of the loveliest things about breastfeeding. It’s something that only you can do, it’s special precious time together, knowing that you are feeding them and giving …

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  • Jo-slummy-single-mummy-e1371994865320-224x300

    Breastfeeding Awareness Week – Reasons to breastfeed

    It’s National Breastfeeding Awareness week. Unfortunately the NHS funding has stopped for this in the UK which has seen the number of new mums breastfeeding drop for the first time in nine years. Whilst there are some differences in the figures in different parts of the country, it is thought that a lack of promotion …

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  • 004-225x300

    Frequently asked Mamascarf questions

    I wanted to answer some of the questions that sometimes get asked by mums about Mamascarf. Let me know if you have a question that hasn’t been answered here. How is a Mamascarf breastfeeding cover different to a normal scarf? Mamascarf is the right fabric to be strong enough to tie and offer support, yet …

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  • 220px-Bowman_Edith_flickr

    Radio One Edith Bowman talks about breastfeeding in public

    In a Radio Times article, Radio One DJ and breastfeeding mum Edith Bowman talks to Colin Murray about her experiences of breastfeeding in public, among other baby related stuff.  She is currently breastfeeding her second child and says that it is more women who are critical of breastfeeding in public than men. The Radio One …

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  • Tips for breastfeeding in public

    So you are pregnant and you know that you want to breastfeed your baby. Congratulations! Maybe you have started breastfeeding but not yet ventured out in public.  Breastfeeding in public can be a scary thought for any new mum and even not so new mums.  These tips should help you on your way. Practise in …

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