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  • How I came up with the idea for Mamascarf

    Helloooo! Happy New Year! I am taking part in a video challenge where I have to create a video every day for 30 days in January. Don’t worry, I won’t be posting them all!! Some of them are so bad that they are already on the cutting room floor! Today I created a short video …

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  • Some amazing feedback from a happy breastfeeding mum to end 2012

    Today I received some feedback via my Facebook  page that made me cry and was a lovely end to the year. Here it is I will let you read it for yourself. “Hello, I just wanted to say thank you really. I am currently using your Mamascarf with my nearly 3 week old daughter. I …

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  • Jill Miller

    Breastfeeding Milk truck!

    I just read an article on the Breastfeeding Milk Truck that is available to come to the rescue to breastfeeding mums in Pittsburgh USA and thought I would share it as it made me smile.  The truck is basically an ice cream van with a giant breast on the top and a flashing pink light …

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  • Lily-doll-224x300

    The Breastfeeding doll: my view

    Although I have noticed lots of news stories on the breastfeeding doll over the last week or so, I have ignored them until now. This doll (pictured below) actually popped up in the news some time ago when it was first launched but actually has now been launched in the US which is why it is …

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  • M.O.N.S.T.E.R Mummies review of Mamascarf

    We just received this fab review from MONSTER mummies. You can read it below or on their site here “When I had my first baby 3 years ago I decided to breastfeed, I did not anticipate how self conscious I would feel feeding in public. I have recently had baby number two, Toby, and this time round …

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