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  • cloth sanitary pad in bathroom

    Switching to Reusable Sanitary Pads – Kayla’s story

    I thought that it would be really useful to share some of our customer’s journeys to reusable pads. Making the switch isn’t always an easy decision and some people may initially think reusable pads aren’t their thing or have some doubts. I want to tell you that this is completely normal. Lots of people feel …

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  • Reusable sanitary pad testimonial

    What are the best reusable sanitary pads?

    “What are the best reusable sanitary pads?” Mama Designs reusable pads of course! “How long do reusable sanitary pads last?” I get such a lot of questions about our sanitary pads that I thought I would do a big Q&A post… Thinking about making the switch to reusables but have some questions, maybe a niggling …

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