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  • baby Eliza's birth

    Birth Stories – Lauren’s story

    Hi, I am Lauren (or Lolly to my nearest and dearest) and we live in Buckinghamshire, somewhere between MK and Buckingham in a lovely little village. I became a mummy for the first time at 37 years. Refreshingly, I was never referred to as a geriatric mother. Apparently, the age was lifted! My daughter, Eliza, …

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  • Nobody tells you

    Nobody Tells You…

    Nobody Tells You… Today we hear from the lovely Becca Maberly on her fabulous new book ‘Nobody Tells You, 101 truths about pregnancy, birth and parenthood’. No matter how prepared you think you might be, no matter how much money you throw at your pregnancy and antenatal care, no matter how much you read, no …

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  • My Home Birth Story – Keira

    Thought that it was about time I shared my home birth story now that Daisy is 12 weeks old… After several frustrating false starts in the two previous weeks, at 39 weeks and a day my labour started. Early labour had actually started the day before and we had had the home birth midwife out, …

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  • Hello Yes Mum!

    We chat to Hollie de Cruz, creator of yesmum® cards and founder of London Hypnobirthing. Hi Hollie, So tell us a bit about yesmum and what you do? “I’m Hollie de Cruz, the Founder of London Hypnobirthing and the creator of yesmum® cards. I use my Instagram platform @theyesmummum to inspire and promote education, equality …

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  • Mother waterbirth

    What is a doula?

    What is a doula and why will having one help me? This guest post is from Sophie at Nurturing Birth. There is nothing new about doulas, though many people have not come across the term before.  I am often misheard and assumed to be either a jeweler or a dealer!  For millennia, as women were …

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  • What is hypnobirthing?

    What is hypnobirthing?  I came across hypnobirthing after being given a cd and using it prior to the birth of my youngest Lily. I had a really positive birth experinece as a result. Miriam Greaves is a Hypnobirthing Practitioner in Surrey and has very kindly agreed to tell us a bit about what she does …

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