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  • Mama to be preparing for a C section

    #MamaToBe: preparing for a c-section

    Today we have a guest post from Chelle, who blogs at Unique and Chic and we’re talking about preparing for a c-section. My first birth wasn’t the fantastic earth mother experience that I had thought it would be so when I found out I was pregnant nearly 4 years later my first thoughts were how …

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  • Mama Style

    Mama-to-be: Maternity style tips

    It’s quite a big thing really, when your bump really is a bump and normal clothes no longer fit quite right. But choosing maternity clothes can be a little daunting, especially if you’re working too and need a new wardrobe for the office. We asked you what your top tips for choosing maternity wear were, …

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  • mama-to-be-choosing-baby-name

    Mama-to-be: Choosing baby names

    When it comes to choosing a name for your baby, does your mind suddenly go blank? Or do you have so many names that the idea of narrowing it all down causes a mild panic of sorts? You’re not alone! Choosing a name is actually a huge deal- your child has to live with it …

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  • mama-to-be

    Mama-to-be: what to expect at the 12 week scan

    If you’re pregnant, congratulations! We hope you enjoy this most wonderful of life’s rollercoasters! The next few months are likely to see you experiencing lots of different emotions; there can be no denying that whilst pregnancy is amazing- you’re growing a whole new person in there after all!- it can also be a time where …

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