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  • To cover or not to cover?

    So I just read this article about Secret Breastfeeders in and felt compelled to write this after reading. Every now and then there will be an article or comment in the media that breastfeeding covers are terrible because they encourage women to cover up or make them feel that they have to cover up …

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  • M.O.N.S.T.E.R Mummies review of Mamascarf

    We just received this fab review from MONSTER mummies. You can read it below or on their site here “When I had my first baby 3 years ago I decided to breastfeed, I did not anticipate how self conscious I would feel feeding in public. I have recently had baby number two, Toby, and this time round …

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  • Word-of-mouth-300x187

    Refer a friend scheme

    We all know mums love to talk! We have been doing some research and have found out that lots of you  are finding out about us by word of mouth. That is great news, we all trusset our friends recommendations. We would love to reward you for your referrals. So we are going to trial …

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